It is permissible to buy things from Jews and to do business with them?

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There is a list containing the names of Jewish companies and the companies that support them (from toothpastes to petrol stations) on the Internet and other places. Jews oppress Muslims and some famous people and companies state that they donate some of their profits to those companies. What are we doing? What should our attitude be toward these products? My conscience is disturbed by them. Are we held responsible if this list is true and if we buy those products?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is permissible to do business with non-Muslims and to use their products. However, they must not be among the things that were forbidden by Islam. We do not know whether the companies whose names appear in the list on the Internet support Jews or not. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have a negative attitude against all of them.

However, if those companies state that they support Jews, the decree changes. If it is certain that a weapon or a product will be used against Muslims, it is not permissible to work in its production, to sell or to buy it. Such a person is held responsible in accordance with the following decree:  "A person who causes something is like the one who does it."

Therefore, if a person buys and sells a product that is definitely known to be used against Muslims, he will be held responsible. It is necessary for Muslims to be careful about it.

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