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I work in sales dept of my company..I have no influence in the purchasing dept or their decisions of our company.We buy various raw materials for our prdtcn..What they usually do is ,when there is any requirement for anything,they send out enquiries to all the vendors registered or known to them and accept the lowest price..Infact if any of the supplier calls back to check regarding the status of his quotation ,it is even said to him that we have offer at lower so and so price ,if he can offer lesser than that ,we can very transparent..Now,to the point,,I have introduced at times different new suppliers to our company and i do tell the suppliers to quote with a commission for me..Not always my sources offers are accepted as their may be suppliers offering lesser..At times, i do tell them that our price is high and, so and so price is quote accordingly..Now pls advise whether this commission i am taking is halal or not ,even though i have no influence on the purchasing dept´s decision making and always the lowest bid is accepted...If it is haram , is it ok if i just without anybody knowing ,deposit the commission money i have taken till now , back to the company account somehow.Because informing the company might end up in problems for me.Pls advise me.If you have any authentic hadiths or statements to support your view , it would be a great relief for me..Anyhow , please do answer as i am in big dilemma and i do not want my kids to eat anything from haram. Pls advise Regards FM"
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The commission you have received is not permissible. It is regarded as bribe. First of all, you have to return them to the people you received them from. If it is not possible, you can give them to a charity organization on behalf of them or give them to poor people.

Please click on the link given below;

Is it appropriate to pay commission to someone who works in a company that we desire to sell our products to, in order to persuade them to buy your products?

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