Is it not disrespect to call the Prophet Isa (Jesus) “O Jesus, son of Mary”?

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Is it not disrespect to call the Prophet Isa (Jesus) “O Jesus, son of Mary”?
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We will try to explain it briefly with a few items:

a) In the Quran, some of the statements reported from other people are translated word for word; other statements are expressed through a style preferred by the divine wisdom. The words of the apostles of Jesus "O Lord" are translated as "O Jesus" in the Quran in accordance with the divine style.

b) In the Qur’an, expressions like “Jesus, son of Mary or Masih (Messiah)” are used for the Prophet Isa. There are two important reasons for that:

The first: The reason why the Prophet Isa is mentioned with his mother's name is to point to the fact that he was created without a father.

The second: It aims to remind those who associate him with divinity just because he was born without a father of their mistakes and to emphasize that he too was created  in a mother’s womband then sent to the world.

c) If the apostles of his really called the Prophet Isa ”Lord”(meaning Educator and Sustainer), the reason why this expression is translated as “Jesus, son of Mary” in the Qur’anis to emphasize his human aspect. If his apostles who were his right hand men called him “son of Mary”, it is a big mistake for the others to describe as “god”.

d) In his life, people knew that Prophet Isa was a human and a prophet. Their calling him as Lord meant “teacher”. In fact, the title “teacher” had already  been used. However, in time, the title "Lord" was understood as a real god by  the ignorant people. There is a nice statement of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi: “If metaphors fall from the hands of learning to those of ignorance, it is considered to be literally true in time.”

The word “Lord” used as a metaphor for the Prophet Jesus was degenerated in the same way.

So, in order to correct this mistake, Allah, may have interpreted the apostles’ expression “lord” as “son of Mary”.

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