Is it an appropriate act to drink the water into which paper with some prayers is put into?

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Is it an appropriate act to drink the water into which paper with some prayers is put into?
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It is permissible to read and have on one’s body ruqyahs* (seeking protection and healing through supplication, etc) containing verses and hadiths. It exists in sunnah. However, putting the ruqyah into water and then drinking that water does not exist in the sunnah of our Prophet.

It is permissible to pray and to write verses and hadiths on paper and to have it on one’s body in order to be protected from disease, etc. Abdullah Ibn Umar reported the following from the Prophet (pbuh): "If one of you becomes scared while sleeping, he should say the following: ‘I take refuge in the words of Allah, who is free from all kinds of imperfection, from the wrath and torture of Allah, from the evils of His slaves, from the delusion of the devils and their coming near me‘ Then, nothing will harm him. Abdullah Ibn Amr taught it to his children who reached the age of puberty and wrote it on paper and for his small children and hang it around their necks. (Abu Dawud, Nasai, Tirmidhi).

However, it is definitely haram to exploit the issue and have it as a job and to work together with gullible women.

Halil Günenç Günümüz meselelerine Fetvalar – 2 (Fatwas for Today’s Problems)
It means a piece of written paper that is worn around the neck or had on the body in order to keep some diseases, evil things and the evil eye away; it also means something folded in three or piece of paper with three corners.

The Turkish word muska comes from the Arabic word “nuskhah”. It was transferred into Turkish in the form of muska. It is called “hurz” in North Africa, “hamaya”, “hafiz” or “maaza” in East Arabia, “muska”, “nusha” or “hamail” in Turkish. It is called “ruqyah” in hadith and fiqh books.

Ruqyah is usually worn in order to be protected from a possible disease or for treatment. It is generally put in a triangular buff, tin, silver or gold container and worn around the neck or arm. Ruqya which is also put in rectangular containers is used widely all over the Islamic world.

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