Is it against scientific method to mention Allah in science lessons?

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Some people say that mentioning Allah in science classes is contrary to the scientific method. However, the opposite is true because a deed is attributed to its doer, a work to its master and a work of art to its artist. It is unthinkable not to mention Mehmet Akif while narrating the National Anthem of Turkey in literature class, not to include the Architect Sinan in the history of the Selimiye Mosque in art history class, and not to appreciate Leonardo Da Vinci while evaluating the Mona Lisa painting in art class. From this viewpoint, it will be seen that saying “Allah” in those classes is not a problem but a necessity.

Movements like positivism, materialism, Marxism, Darwinism, and secularism that acted against Christianity and religion in Europe became very influential in the nineteenth century. Many thinkers were alienated from religion. Those who liked religion started to find a solution by saying, “A scientist leaves his religious beliefs outside the door as if he takes off his coat when he enters a laboratory. When he comes out, he picks it and wears it again.”1 However, a Muslim scientist can say the following without being exposed to such pressure:

“I am trying to understand Allah’s art in the world, which is a great laboratory of Allah, and trying to find the laws that he imposed.”

1.A. Adnan Adıvar, BilimveDin,  p. 253.

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