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Assalamu alaikum, My father expired leaving behind his wife ,2 sons and 2 daughters.He had a flat which is worth Rs 1200000 today.We wish to sell it and divide it Islamically..Please help us divide this amount. jazakallah-u-khair
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Dear Brother / Sister,

According to Islamic Jurisprudence, 1/8 of the inheritance belongs to the wife. The rest is shared out among the sons and daughters, but sons are given two times more than daughters.

As for your question, divide the amount into 48 pieces;

6/48 of it is given to the wife.  

14/48 of it is given to each son.

7/48 of it is given to each daughter.

Mathematically 1200000/48 = 25000  

6*25000 = 150000 (this is the share of the wife)

7*25000 = 175000 (this is the share of each daughter)  

14*25000 = 350000 (this is the share of each son)

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