Can a non Muslim child of a Muslim get inheritance?

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I have 4 sons and 1 daughter. 3 sons married to kafir (unbeliever), daughter married to kafir, youngest one unmarried. Eldest son converted to Christianity. Other 3 sons do follow the Islam but not strictly. I might be wrong but I have my suspicion that after my death they or my grand children may not follow even the basics of Islam. Only Allah knows their future as far as religion is concerned. Are they entitled to inheritance of property and money from me according to Sha'riah law?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Only Muslim children of a died Muslim can be inheritor. However, even if there is a possibility to change the religion later, still when the Muslim person dies his/her Muslim children or wife get inheritance. But, when a Muslim person died, his/her non Muslim children never can be inheritor. It is possible for them to be inheritor by law. For this reason, it will be good for you to bequeath in order not to be given inheritance to them. Because they can be inheritor by law.

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