I feel as I do not live at all. What would you suggest?

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I will turn to dust; I feel as I do not live at all. What would you suggest?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all, there are two false expressions in your question.

The first one: You will not turn to dust (earth).  

Yes, in this world, where you are being tested now, your body, which has been entrusted to you so that you will get to know and understand the world but which you think belongs to you, will turn to dust, but not your soul. Your soul will be given a new body appropriate for life in the hereafter.

The second one: You say you feel as if you do not live.

Do you not become happy at all? Do you not feel sad? Do you not fear? Do you not have any worries and ambitions? Do you not feel any pains?

Since you are not deprived of those material and spiritual feelings, it is indisputable that you live and feel it to the hilt.

What makes you ask that question then?

“Who am I? Where did I come from? Why did I come? Where will I go?…” You probably ask yourself questions like the ones above and you have not found answers to them. Therefore, you feel empty.

Do not worry; all of us have been sent to this world for very sublime purposes and to be tested. As a necessity of the secret of the test, God Almighty, who created us, gave us free will to see whether we will obey His commands and prohibitions.

As we obey His commands and prohibitions and get to know Him, we approach peace in the world and in the eternal hereafter. When we do not know Him and live in accordance with our souls and minds, we feel empty in the world and destroy our life in the hereafter.

We do not say it; the Quran, Allah's last book and Muhammad (pbuh), His last prophet, say so.

The only thing that we have to do for peace in the two worlds is to live in the way that He wants by getting rid of all our prejudices, by contemplating, adhering to the Quran and the Sunnah, repenting and asking for forgiveness.

He who loses Him finds nothing; He who finds Him loses nothing.

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