What does to rely on Allah and to have good thoughts about Him mean?

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- To rely on Allah may end in failure. To rely on your father is not like that. We know that if you rely on our father, he will not harm you if it is within his power.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

To rely on Allah means to rely on Allah’s mercy and wisdom.

To think that Allah will do things to destroy us means not to know Allah, who introduces Himself as Rahman (the All-Merciful) and Rahim (the All-Compassionate) at the beginning of every chapter of the Quran, as it is necessary. Allah is so merciful toward His slaves that He gives them numerous boons despite their ingratitude and denial; He does not cease to give them those boons.

Most of the problems that hit man originates from his own misuse and not obeying the divine rules, which are valid everywhere in the universe. Today’s modern medicine also states that most of the diseases originate from the mistakes of people.

It should not be forgotten that people are tested by Allah. There are pains and agonies along with pleasures due to the requirements of this test. Thanking for boons and showing patience in the face of problems is the most important criterion to pass this test.

When we rely on Allah, we should consider both this world and the hereafter. We should rely on Allah if there is a problem in this world, thinking that Allah will definitely give thawabs to us in return for it. The Prophet (pbuh) summarizes the issue as follows:

“There is good in every affair of a believer. If he is given a boon, he thanks Allah for it and receives a reward. If he encounters something bad, he shows patience and receives a reward.” (Musnad, 1/173)

It is understood that to rely on and trust in Allah means to trust His mercy and wisdom related to humans. For instance, diseases clean the sins of a person like soapy water. It is understood by any person with consciousness of belief that to show patience in the face of a temporary problem that makes a person gain the eternal life and to maintain the feelings in one’s heart is a very profitable deed.

It is one of the most important tests of a believer not to lose his trust in Allah even in the face of a very big misfortune.

“There are among men some who serve Allah, as it were, on the verge: if good befalls them, they are, therewith, well content; but if a trial comes to them, they turn on their faces: they lose both this world and the Hereafter: that is loss for all to see!.” (al-Hajj, 22/11)

One of the fine details of this test is indicated in the verse above.

“To rely on your father is not like that. We know that if you rely on your father, he will not harm you if it is within his power.” There is a truer statement than that one: A father cannot do anything unless Allah wishes. Therefore, to rely on Allah in the real sense is only a distraction.

The phrase “if it is within his power” is used in the question. What is in his power in real sense? So to speak, it is one of the biggest mistakes to rely on one’s father, who is too weak to fulfill the requirements of his compassion - as is relying on Allah - by not relying on Allah, who has more compassion than the compassion of thousands of fathers and who has power to do anything He wishes.

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