How would you interpret the statement ‘A good physicist can believe in miracles easily’?

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3.1.2-A good physicist can believe in miracles easily

When everything is placed properly and in a correct perspective, one can be a very good physicist as well as a very faithful man who believes in miracles easily - that is, he can be a religious scientist who does not feel any contradiction. For example, Isaac Newton, who formulated the most fundamental laws of physics known as ‘Newton’s first, second and third laws’ was a very religious person who studied the Bible seriously. Albert Einstein, who is the second greatest physicists in the world, rejected atheism and expressed his belief in Allah. A person who believes in Allah and has difficulty in believing in miracles due to his belief in the laws of physics, such as the conservation of matter, needs to re-evaluate the attributes of Allah, whom he believes in, in detail by getting rid of his premises. A Being who is believed to have created the universe out of nothing as a miracle of power can create whatever He wants out of nothing at any time if his wisdom necessitates it. The concept of barakah (blessing/abundance) can be evaluated within this framework.

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