How will we benefit from things in Paradise? Will everybody benefit from Paradise in the same way?

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How will we benefit from things in Paradise? Will everybody benefit from Paradise in the same way?
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Imagine a person who committed all kinds of harams that Allah has forbidden almost all of his life but repented at a time when his death was near. On the other hand, imagine another person who tried to live a life in compliance with the Islamic rules from his puberty until his last breath. When a comparison is made between the two, is it not regarded as injustice if  both go to Paradise?

Allah (SWT) is just. He does not lose anyone’s deeds; He rewards people according to their deeds. Thus, if a person has more good deeds than another person, and if they both are in Paradise, the one who has more good deeds will benefit from Paradise better than the other one.

When a person who has a less taste of perception and another one who is far better than him eat the same apple, the pleasure of the former is far better than the latter when compared. This is valid in Paradise, too. Even though both are in Paradise, the pleasure they get from the paradise will be different.

While listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, even if a prophet and an ordinary student are in the same place, they do not get the same pleasure and delight from it. The fact that they are in the same place does not mean that their pleasure will be at the same level. For that reason, even if two friends or spouses will be in the same place, their pleasures will not be the same in the hereafter  where material and spiritual benefactions are worthy of Paradise. There is no drawback to their togetherness.

The subject and the related hadith that we have presented above are explained by Badiuzzaman as follows:

 “We shall allude to this elevated truth with a comparison. For example, a magnificent personage set up a vast banquet and finely-adorned spectacle in a splendid garden.

He prepared it in such a way that it included all the delicious foods that the sense of taste can experience, and all the fine things that please the sense of sight, and all the wonders that amuse the faculty of imagination, and so on; he included in it everything that would gratify and give pleasure to the external and inner senses.

Now, there were two friends and they went together to the banquet and sat down at a table in a pavilion. But the sense of taste of one of them was very limited, so he received only minor pleasure. His eyes could see only a little, he had no sense of smell, and he could not understand the wondrous arts nor comprehend the marvels. He could only benefit from and take pleasure in a thousandth or even a millionth of that beautiful place, to the extent of his capacity. The other man however had developed his outer and inner senses, his mind, heart, emotions, and subtle faculties so perfectly and to such a degree that although he was next to his friend, he could perceive and experience all the subtleties and beauties and marvels and fine things in the exhibition, and receive their different pleasures.

Since this confused, sorrowful, and narrow world is thus, and although the greatest and the least are together, the difference between them is as great as from the ground to the Pleiades, surely in Paradise, the realm of bliss and eternity, while friend is together with friend, each will receive his share from the table of the Most Merciful and Compassionate One in accordance with his capacity and to the extent of his abilities.

Even if the Paradises in which they are found are different, it will not be an obstacle to their being together. For although the eight levels of Paradise are one above the other, the roof of all of them is the Sublime Throne.5 If there are walled circles round a conical mountain, one within the other and one above the other from its foot to the summit, the circles are one over the other and look to one another, but do not prevent each other seeing the sun. There are also various narrations of Hadiths indicating that the Paradises are in a manner close to this.”

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