How is the soul purified?

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How is the soul purified?
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The expression ‘the purification of the soul’ should be understood as the removal of the desires of the soul or, that is the purification of the soul.

In the following verse, “Truly he succeeds that purifies it.” (ash-Shams, 9), the purification of the soul that is encouraged is present. Our scholars explain it as the removal of the bad deeds from the soul, that is, the removal of shirk (polytheism) through belief and the removal of sins through taqwa, and increasing this purification through good deeds.

That is, a person keeps his record clean by doing good things and avoiding bad deeds. In this purification, it is possible to develop spiritually by doing good deeds, purifying the heart and the soul.

The most effective way of protecting the soul from bad deeds and keeping it away from sins is to fulfill the five pillars of Islam. Performing prayers keeps man away from sins. The soul is educated through fasting.

All kinds of words and deeds in the life of man whether in terms of worshipping or ethical virtues become effective in the purification of the soul.

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