How many kilometers should a man go in order to be regarded a musafir (traveler)?

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When you are traveling for example: I am traveling from India to Orlando and while I am in Orlando, Am I going to shorten my prayers till I go back to India which will be in 2 months?
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You must perform prayers fully if you intend to stay in a place more than fifteen days.

How many kilometers should a man go in order to be regarded a musafir (traveler)”? This question has two kinds of answers:

1 - Based on distance. According to this view, a person can perform prayers by shortening if he goes on journey of 90 kilometers or more.

2 – Based on time. According to this view, traveling three days is enough to be regarded as a musafir. Since the daily walk is accepted as 6 hours, 3*6 =18 hours of travel makes a person musafir. In that case, a person can perform prayers by shortening. Otherwise, they cannot shorten them.
Someone who has a certain house but spends most of the year by traveling accepts his/her house, or the district in which his or her house is situated, as the place of residence. In this district, he must perform prayers fully.
Since he will be regarded as a musafir while traveling, one can perform prayers of 4 rakats by shortening them to two rakats. If he stays more than 15 days in a place during the trip, he must perform prayers fully. In every place that he stays less than 15 days, he should perform prayers by shortening. That is, one can shorten prayers beginning from the moment he leaves his house till he comes back to his house. However, he should perform prayers fully in places that he intends to stay more than 15 days. (see Celal Y?ld?r?m, ?slam F?kh?, 1/463-464)

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