How to make niyyah (intention) for performing missed fasting?

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If a person who wants to perform a missed fasting says, "I intend to perform a missed fasting for a day for Allah" when he eats sakhur? and performs fasting two days on end one day before a holy night and the next day, are two days reduced from the fasting he missed? I did not add a phrase like "the last fasting I missed" or "the first fasting I missed". What is the best way to make niyyah for missed fasting?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

A niyyah like that is valid for missed fasting. In fact, niyyah is a deed related to the heart; it is better to express it by the tongue.

The best way for a person to make niyyah for the missed fasting of Ramadan is to say, "I intend to perform the first fard fasting I missed". However, it is enough to make niyyah without saying "the first" or "the last" missed fasting.

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