How did Prophet Abraham survive and what kind of a response did he get when he was saved from fire?

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How did Prophet Abraham survive and what kind of a response did he get when he was saved from fire?
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-There is no information in Qur’an about how the people of the Prophet Abraham reacted to this miracle. However, it is possible to conclude from the 44th verse of Sura al-Hajj that they too were destroyed.

- It is understood that both Nimrod and his people - may be due to his oppression - kept worshipping idols. In about 2286 BC, when Prophet Abraham was still alive, Allah inflicted Assyrians upon them. They invaded Nimrod’s territory, ended his reign and built the Assyrian kingdom. (Ibn Ashur, commentary of Sura al-Anbiya, verse 69)

- It is known that the Prophet Abraham got off by immigrating to Palestine without being exposed to any other tortures of Nimrod, with the help of Allah. After the verse that mentions Abraham’s survival, the following is stated in the next two verses:

“And they intended for him harm, but We made them the greatest losers. And We saved him and Lut and delivered them to the land(Palestine) which We had blessed for the worlds”. (al-Anbiya, 21/70,71)

It is concluded from the part “… saved him and Lut.” that the enemies were following them. They escaped secretly to get rid of their evil and were saved with the help of Allah.

- Considering the apparent meaning of the verse “And Lut believed him”, it seems that nobody but the Prophet Lut (Prophet Abraham’s nephew) believed in the Prophet Abraham. The fact that only Lut and Abraham went to Palestine also proves this.

Ibn Atiyya summarizes the rewards given to Prophet Abraham in this world as his getting rid of fire, being just, adopting doing right and beneficial deeds as a principle, being remembered with respect in all centuries, being regarded as a moral leader and guide by all generations after him and his having a son like Ismail, whose heart was filled with respect. [Kur’an Yolu: IV/250 (the Qur’an Way IV/250)]

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