How can holy Hindu scriptures heal people possessed by jinn?

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- What is the truth about Hinduism?
- If their holy scriptures/inscriptions are wrong or corrupted, how can their saints heal possessed people by reciting verses from geeta and hanuman chalisa?
- How can polytheistic Hindu scriptures heal people possessed by jinn?
- I have heard that Hindu saints and sadhus perform rituals using the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures to exorcise evil spirits from a possessed person? How can that happen?
- Only ALLAH has the authority to heal someone; is that right? So, how can they drive demons away in the name of ram, krishna and ganesh? Do they really heal the person?
- If Allah sent prophets to India, can you explain why Hindus consider ram and krishna as their gods?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

We have not made a thorough investigation about the Hindu texts. However, it is stated in the following verses of the Quran that

“...We do not punish any people to whom we did not send a prophet” (al-Isra, 17/15);
“We sent a prophet to every nation...” (an-Nahl, 16/36),
“It was revealed that a prophet was sent to every nation who preached in his own language…” (see Ibrahim, 14/4)

that prophets were sent to people all over the world, to every region.

Besides, Imam Rabbani states the following:

“When I think about the previous ummahs, I cannot find a piece of land where a prophet had not been sent. I even see that prophets from the people of India were sent to the land of India, which was thought to be deprived of this practice. They were appointed by Allah and invited people to the truth. In some Indian towns, the light of the prophets shines like lamps that shine in the darkness of polytheism. If you want, I can determine these towns.

I see a prophet: Nobody approved him; nobody accepted his invitation...

I see another prophet: Only one person confirmed and believed him.

Another prophet was approved by only two people...

Some prophets were approved by only three people...

However, no prophet in the land of India was confirmed by more than three people. I have not seen any prophet who was affirmed and followed by four people.

All of the good things written by some Indian unbelievers in their books regarding the existence, attributes, glorification and approval of the Supreme Being are among the gleams quoted from the light of prophethood because a prophet came in every century of the previous nations. They informed people about the existence of the Supreme Being, His attributes and glorification. If they had not existed, how could those who remained in this pit of polytheism and unbelief reach this state (these good realities) with their barren and blind minds, which was dirtied by the darkness of unbelief.” (Imam Rabbani, Letters, Letter 259)

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi summarized this information given by Imam Rabbani as follows:

“Imam Rabbani said: “Numerous prophets appeared in India, but some of them had no followers or only a few people, so they did not become well-known or were not called prophets.” (Mektubat, p. 386)

- It means some of the good traits and skills of Hindus may have reflected the light of these ancient heavenly religions.

- However, there may be a lot of exaggeration and false information in the propaganda made regarding the issue. There may be those who consider saying, “There are such things in human rituals like Hindu, which is not a heavenly religion” a duty in the name of irreligion, especially in order to devalue the wonders of the religion of Islam.

- Moreover, for thousands of years, the existence of non-religious wonders such as “magic, soothsaying, and fortunetelling” has been known and is also mentioned in the Quran and hadiths. The extraordinary deeds performed by the magicians who resisted Hz. Musa (Moses) are famous.

- An important reason why these wonderful events take place through people who are far from religion is the secret of testing. The existence of miracles originating from religion and wonders originating from irreligion confused the addressees and caused those who did not have common sense to deny the prophets.

Besides, the leaking of some information originating from jinn and that some true things are expressed by soothsayers and fortunetellers caused the confusion related to divine gifts such as miracles and foresight originating from religion; the result of the test was determined with it. “The door to the mind is opened, but man’s free will is not removed” so that the test will be fair for everyone.

Thus, people’s minds and free will play a leading role in winning or losing the test. In this modern age, in parallel with the difficulty and severity of the test, the means of piety and irreligion have also increased.

The visibility distance between true religion and irreligion has narrowed today, in End Times. So to speak, two hundred bombs of reality were detonated in order to strengthen the divine side of the Quran with all its might. On the other hand, some extraordinary positions held by the irreligious mob were scattered with all its might.

The prophetic warning in the hadith, “There is no test more severe than the mischief of Dajjal (Antichrist) from the creation of Adam to the Day of Judgment” is against such deceptive positions. (see Muslim, Fitan, 126)

May our Lord protect all of us from the evil of these modern devils of human and jinn! Amin!

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