Everybody has a different environment, medium and lifestyle; therefore, I think people will not have equal responsibilities. Is this view appropriate?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Since the opportunities given to people in the world are not equal, their responsibilities will not be equal. The life of every man is an independent book; and this book was written for the first time and last time since the world was established. Therefore, it is necessary to consider everybody together with their own conditions, various incidents that happened to them and through which they were tested. The decree made for a person might not be appropriate for another person. The same incident may elevate a person and demean another. What is good for a person may be bad for another. One can desire something that is hated by another.   

Everybody is tested based on their own conditions. What matters is not the difference among those conditions but to be able to pass the test. 

Justice and equality are not the same things. Equality means two things being the same in all aspects. Justice is defined as giving everybody their due and punishing the ones that are wrong.

Everybody will be questioned based on their conditions and the opportunities given to them. For instance, if a person who lives without being aware of Islam is regarded among the people of salvation if he knows – according to Ashari, even if he does not know - the existence of Allah by reasoning.

Gathering Place is awaiting people as a supreme court where even the rights of animals from people and other animals will be taken and even the rights of unbelievers related to Muslims will be reckoned.

That Absolutely Just Being, who weighs even the small rights among animals with delicate scales whose nature we do not know, will definitely judge people with His absolute justice.

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