Does sajdah as-sahw become necessary if a person reads verses from different chapters after reading the chapter of al-Fatiha?

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I was reading the chapter of at-Tin and moved to the chapter of al-Asr by mistake. I noticed my mistake and read the chapter of at-Tin again from the beginning. Is sajdah as-sahw necessary for it?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

After reading the chapter of al-Fatiha in prayer if a person thinks for a while about what verse or chapter to read, sajdah as-sahw becomes necessary because wajib is delayed.

If you have not waited for a while and you have read from the chapter of at-Tin at first, the chapter of al-Asr after that and the chapter of at-Tin again, qiraah has been fulfilled. Sajdah as sahw is not necessary for it.

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