Does qada prayer really exist? Many theologists say, “the best prayer is the one that is performed on time; otherwise, it loses its importance; there is no prayer called qada.”

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Of course it is not appropriate to miss a prayer deliberately. The best prayer is the one that is performed on time. However, this does not mean that “qada prayer is not performed” because the Prophet Muhammad performed qada prayers himself due to reasons beyond his control.

It is fard to perform prayers that are missed. It is also necessary to perform prayers that are missed according to all four madhabs.

The five daily prayers are fard (obligatory) for all Muslims. It is necessary to give back the money on time when you borrow from someone. However, when the payment is delayed, it is also necessary to excuse and repay it. Just like this, it is necessary to pay the debts of prayer on time. However, if they are delayed because of some reasons, we should apologize to Allah and pay all the debts of prayers.

The debts of prayers are paid by only performing the prayers. There is no other way than this.

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