Does a person who reads the chapter of Yasin every day reach the degree of martyrdom?

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Is it true that a person who reads the chapter of Yasin every day will definitely die at the degree of martyrdom?
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We could not find a narration like this in the resources that we checked. However, there are great thawabs and benefits of readingthe chapter of “Ya Sin”, which is described as the heart of “the Quran”. If we read the chapter of Yasin for Allah’s sake and send its thawab to one million people, its full thawab will go to the spirits of each of them separately without losing anything from its thawab. For, the Quran is luminous light; it is not divided. Whether one person or a million people are illuminated by a lamp, everybody will benefit from its light. People will benefit from the luminous light of the Quran like that.

If we have time, we should read Yasin every morning and evening; if we do not have time, we should read “Yasin” every day or at least every Thursday. In addition, it is necessary not to forget reading the chapter of "al-Mulk", which is stated to intercede for the person who reads it in a hadith.

Allah’s consent is superior to everything. Therefore, we should make Allah’s consent our aim in everything; the other thawabs will come to us based on our sincerity within the framework of this consent.

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