Did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reach the rank of endless worship? Or, is he still continuing to develop?

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- Is the worship of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the endless rank?

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Worship (servitude to Allah) is related to the test in the world. Everybody gains thawabs from worship in the world; therefore, the rank of worship of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was completed in the world. There is nothing to do in the hereafter in terms of worship (servitude to Allah) – though the development of realities is at the highest level - because worship is a criterion of testing.

There is no doubt that the worship of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is at the peak. The incident of Isra / Miraj is a witness of it. That the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned with the title “abd (slave/servant)” in the first verse of the chapter of al-Isra when worship and servitude are mentioned shows that the incident of Miraj is at the peak in his life. The rank “qaba qawsayn aw adna (at a distance of two bows' length or nearer)”, which is a level between possibility and existence, expresses that fact.

"The saintly of all ages, headed by the Companions, the foremost in the degrees of belief, have all drawn on his fountain of belief and regarded him as representing the highest degree of faith. This proves that his faith too is matchless.” (Mektubat, p. 218).

“And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.” (al-Qalam, 68/4) The compliment by Allah in the verse above shows that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was always at the top of worship throughout his life.

“The Prophet is similarly unparalleled in the way in which he was the foremost in practicing all the forms of worship found in his religion, and the first in piety and the fear of God; in his observing the duties of worship fully and with attention to their profoundest dimensions, even while engaged in constant struggle and activity; in his practice of worship combining in perfect fashion the beginning and end of worship and servitude to God without imitation of anyone.” (Asa-yı Musa, p. 122).

The perfection that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) receives from worship is endless but the same amount of all of the thawabs of the members of the ummah of Islam gains from worship is also recorded in his book of deeds.  

“For sure, as a result of them, Muhammad the Arabian (UWBP) has achieved such a rank and degree that if all minds were to gather together and become one mind, it could not completely comprehend it.” (Mektubat, pp. 300-301).

“Say: ‘If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.’” The verse above shows that the highest rank of worship is to attain Allah’s consent and love. That the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gained the title of “Habibullah (beloved of Allah)” is an indication of his ascending the peak of the ranks of worship. That “maqam mahmud (praised place)”, which expresses the rank/station of intercession in the widest sense on the Day of Judgment, will be peculiar to Muhammad mahmud shows the relationship between maqam mahbub (beloved) and maqam mahmud (praised). That is, Allah’s most beloved slave (servant) becomes a candidate of maqam mahmud.

Now, we will quote from Badiuzzaman Said Nursi to end this writing:

“According to the principle of ‘as-sababu kal-fail’ (the cause is like the doer), with the equivalent of all the good works performed by all his community at all times entering his book of good works; and the light which he brought illuminating all the truths of the cosmos; and his gratifying not only the jinn, mankind, and animate beings, but also the universe and the heavens and earth; and the supplications of plants, offered through the tongue of disposition, and the supplications of animals offered through the tongue of their innate need, and the righteous of his (PBUH) community every day bequeathing to him their benedictions and supplications for mercy and spiritual gains, whose millions –and together with spirit beings, even, millions of millions– of unrejectable supplications are accepted, as we actually witness with our eyes; and since each of the three hundred thousand letters of the Qur’an yield from a hundred to a thousand merits, with infinite numbers of lights entering the book of his deeds, only with regard to the recitation of the Qur’an by all his community, the One All-Knowing of the Unseen saw and knew that the Muhammadan (PBUH) Reality, which is his collective personality, would in the future be like a Tuba-tree of Paradise. It was in accordance with that position that He gave him such supreme importance in the Qur’an, and in His Decree showed the following of him and receiving of his intercession through adhering to his Illustrious Sunna to be one of the most important matters concerning man. And from time to time He took into consideration his human personality and human state in his early life, which was a seed of the majestic Tuba-tree. " (Asa-yı Musa, p. 70)

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