Does it befit a Muslim to say let sleeping dogs lie?

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Who invented this saying?
Why does a Muslim use this saying?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is no definite information about who uttered the saying "Let sleeping dogs lie” first.

The person who utters this statesmen means the following:

“If I am fine and safe, it does not matter if the whole world is in trouble. If I am full, it does not matter if my neighbor starves. If a serial killer kills a lot of people and does not disturb me, I will not feel sad.” As far as we understand, this saying is used in the sense above.

As for the question, “Why does a Muslim use this saying?”, we know that this saying does not befit a Muslim, a believer. It does not comply with the consciousness of belief. It is unthinkable for a person who knows the statement of the Prophet “He who sleeps with full stomach when his neighbor is hungry is not one of us” and other similar verses and hadiths to utter that statement.

Some Muslims utter that statement due to some reasons like weakness of belief and ignorance.

To sum up, that statement is definitely contrary to the humane and Islamic virtues like solidarity, altruism and empathy.

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