The Quran Induces men to Goodness and benevolence, and Bewares men of the Evil. Is it not possible, therefore, that a Religious person Wrote this Scripture and Then said This is revealed by Allah?

Firstly, out of love of religion, someone who is religious may say, 'The truth is like this, the reality of the matter is this. Almighty God commands it.', but he would not make deceive people by saying Allah said this, etc. He would not go beyond limits and imitate Allah, and speak on behalf of Him. Moreover, a religious person will not tell lies, which is regarded as the greatest sin in all true and superstitious religions; and the greatest lie is the one is uttered concerning Allah.

Who, then does more wrong than one who utters a lie concerning God( The Groups (Az-Zumar), 32)

A lie is a lie, whether it is uttered in good intentions or in bad intentions. If a man comes forward with a book written by himself and utters this is revealed by Allah, that is a lie too.. Furthermore, it is a lie that was uttered concerning Allah. Seeing that, there is nobody who is greater than Allah, so a lie greater than the one uttered concerning Allah cannot be imagined. Therefore, attempting to concoct a book concerning Allah is not an innocent act as the devil tries to show it and it is not expected from a Muslim. It means uttering the greatest lie and committing the most dreadful tyranny in the universe. No one with the slightest fear of Allah can dare to commit such a grievous crime; how would a Prophet (PBUH) who fears Allah the most, put himself in Allahs place –Allah forbid- and would dare to write a book by imitating Him?

Secondly, an imitation, necessarily, requires three things to exist: a person who is imitating, the one who is imitated and the imitation needs to be made for others. Therefore, relating to the devils claim, answers must be found for these questions:

1. Who is the one imitating?
2. Who is the one imitated?
3. Who was this imitation done for and who believed it?
According to the claim that the Prophet imitated:

(1) The imitator is a human.
(2)The imitated is The Sustainer of the Worlds
(3)All of the Muslims living in the era of bliss, including the companions of the prophet (PBUH) like Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hadrath Omar, and all of the Muslims who passed between that time and today, and todays Muslims who are more than one billion believed all together in this imitation.

As a matter of fact, when Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) arose with the Holy Quran in his hand, people who accepted his invitation did not risk their lives and properties on account of believing in an imitation. As for the ones who were inclined to imitate, they remained in the pagan religion and in other unreasoning religions by saying what we learned from our ancestors and grandfathers is enough for us. Speaking in response to them, Hazrat Ali said Since Allah had not asked my father when He created me, why should I ask my father for my choice of religion? decided his own choice by himself contrary to his whole tribe. One of the scholars of the Children of Israel, Abdullah Ibn Salam, who dissected the Holy Scriptures thoroughly and found the features of the prophet of the end of time, saw the Prophet (PBUH) and immediately believed in him and said I know Him (PBUH) as I know my son, even better than my son. It is possible that my sons mother might have cheated me about my son; but, no lie can exist in this face. As for Hazrat Omar, he embraced Islam through listening to the Quran when he had decided to kill the Prophet (PBUH).
Did they believe in a man who –Allah forbid- tried to imitate the Sustainer of the Worlds although he was weak and transitory?

Throughout their lives, did they not realize that they had been deceived through an imitation, when that prophet was reading the revealed verses from the Quran?

In the later centuries, how come none of the thousands of the scholars, who wrote enough books to fill libraries through discovering various meanings in each letter of the Quran and who scrutinized in detail all his words and statements, did not notice any primness from any of the words of the one who –Allah forbid- put himself in Gods place and talked concerning Him?

How come billions of Muslims –Allah forbid- regarded such an imitation as truth and did not find any evidence of primness in it throughout fourteen centuries?

There are some historical truths accepted by everyone whether believing in Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) or not and whether being his friend or his enemy.

Firstly, He arose alone and declared his assertion although He (PBUH) neither possessed power in his hands, nor had authority and prestige; he saw hostility instead of assistance from his relatives.

Secondly, He was always the example of truthfulness, honesty, auspiciousness, goodness, reliability and elevated moral ethics, in his whole life.

Thirdly, He always advised those moral ethics to people around Him, and He was not content with advising; he established those principles in Muslims spirits entirely, in such a way that nobody could eradicate. He established from a primitive tribe a community that possessed the most elevated moral ethics.

The seal affixed by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) on the human world is conspicuous. Both his friends and enemies are the witnesses of a revolution which he realized and which had never been implemented by anybody throughout history. It was such a manner that, his statements, words and behaviors were observed in detail by his friends in order to learn the religion and by his enemies in order to uncover his frauds. Would it have remained concealed if He (PBUH) had had any contradictions?

Slandering such a person by saying He himself wrote the book which he declares as the word of Allah is not possible unless one denies those historical truths, which will mean –Allah forbid- he emerged with a lie concerning Allah and deceived the entire mankind. In this case, it becomes obligatory to seek an answer to the question how did he manage to live and make one fifth of the mankind live the goodness and truthfulness by means of an assertion the true nature of which is based on the greatest and the most grievous lie?

Since Hazrat Muhammads (PBUH) life and achievements are conspicuous, there are two decrees possible to be judged about him:

Either he would be regarded as a prophet sent with a Holy Scripture by the Sustainer of all Worlds and as the most virtuous person of the mankind, or it would be obligatory to assert that –Allah forbid- He is the most evil and the most liar person of the mankind. Otherwise, one can neither say He lied concerning Allah in spite of being a prophet nor He induced people to the most exalted levels of goodness by means of the most grievous deceitfulness.

On the other hand, after mentioning what Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) brought to the humanity, we shall look at what the Holy Quran has brought. The most obstinate irreligious person, even the Satan himself cannot do anything but give testimony in favor of the Quran. Moreover, the Quran was not only content with bringing goodness and benevolence, but it also realized those in such a manner that the whole books written by mankind did not manage to affect men in the same manner as only one verse of the Quran did.

While the governments of the twentieth century turned out to be helpless against smoking only, people tipped barrels of wines, poured down the wine and gave up using alcohol permanently by means of only one verse of the Quran.

By means of only one verse of the Quran, people competed with each other to donate best of their properties to the poor.

By only one command of the Quran, interest was abolished; by another command, women were paid respect and by only one command, idols were demolished.

Only one command of it makes the earth a mosque,makes one billion men turn their faces to the Kaaba and makes them practice five times a day in the presence of their Sustainer.

By means of only one command of it, mankind quit eating and drinking for one month.

By only one command of the Quran, millions of people gather in Arafat by leaving their countries and places.

By means of only one command of it, people discard their belongings and sacrifice their lives. Armies spread to the world through its glad tidings about victory and Paradise. A community which became weak and poor rose at the most helpless time by means of only one command of it and made Çanakkale, a city in Turkey, a grave for the giant armies of the giant countries and gained their independence by challenging the whole world armies alone.

After fourteen centuries of its revelation, without losing anything from its freshness, the Quran guides one billion men to the felicity of the world and Hereafter. The ones who embrace it reach the salvation, and the ones who diverge from it find themselves in misery and calamities.

The book whose effects on the mankind are so conspicuous describes itself as follows:

That this is indeed a Quran most honorable,
In Book well-guarded,
Which none shall touch but those who are clean:

A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.
Is it such a Message that ye would hold in light esteem?
And have ye made it your livelihood that ye should declare it false? (The Inevitable Event (Al-Wáqiá), 77-82)

Wouldnt the ones, who assert the Quran is the word of a man, be labeling those verses as obvious lies? Wouldnt they be denying all of the commands and prohibitions, truths, information, promises and threats which the Quran declares on behalf of Allah by calling Him as a witness?

Wouldnt denying all of those mean regarding this book, which has guided people in every field for fourteen centuries, as a baseless forgery, a fabricated thing?

By regarding that book baseless, wouldnt they regard the prophet who manifested that book be asserted as the one who reiterated to utter the most grievous lie concerning Allah in his whole life and who did not fear Allah even at the slightest degree?


1. The one who behaves on behalf of religion conveys the commands of Allah only; otherwise, it means he speaks on behalf of Allah.

2. Fabricating a book on behalf of Allah is not possible for a weak human through imitating Allah whose knowledge and power encompass everything. Besides, if he attempted to do it, he would not be influential; if he were, it would not last long.

3. The person who asserts coming with a book revealed by Allah is at the highest degree of mankind if he says the truth; and if not, he is at the lowest degree of forgery. There cannot be a mid-way place between those two places. All of the humanity, including his enemies, agree that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had all excellent characteristics of goodness, truthfulness and high. Therefore, what he introduced is true: no one can ascribe the greatest and the most grievous deceitfulness and fraudulence to him.

4. If the Quran is the book of Allah, then it has as the most exalted significance over everything: if not, -Allah forbid- it should have gone down in the history as the most grievous and the greatest documentary of forgery and deceitfulness. There can be no station between those two. While the influences, effects and the principles of the Quran which lead mankind to the truth and goodness are conspicuous, even the Satan could not attempt such a grievous fraudulence to it. Therefore, it is a Holy book revealed by the Sustainer of the Worlds.

Quoted from the authors article A debate with Satan released from Zafer Publishing

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