The witnessing of Philosophers

With the Approval of the Philosophers of this Age, the Quran is the word of Allah.

The Foreign Philosophers and Scientists who Appreciate the Perfection of the Quran

All of the clean consciences and benign natures approve that the Quran is the word of Allah. For, the heart becomes peaceful and the conscience becomes satisfied only through the light of the Quran. The nature of man addresses the Quran with the tongue of disposition as follows: “The perfection of our nature cannot be without you.”

When a person who has a clear conscience sees the truth, he tells the truth; he cannot support falsehood. Besides, the purpose of such a person is to find the truth. Even if such people belong to other religions, they do not hesitate to tell the truth.

“When the enemy not the friend approves something, it means it is perfect.” In this chapter, we will quote some of the views of foreign philosophers and thousands of renowned scientists about the Quran and its laws. With their views, they become live witnesses for the truthfulness of the Quran.

Prince Bismarck’s Statement;

The Words of Prince Bismarck on the Quran

“O Muhammad! I truly regret not being your contemporary.

Scrutinizing heavenly books, which are said to be sent by Allah to manage people in various eras, I could have seen no wisdom and accuracy. Those laws are not eligible to ensure happiness of society, even not a family.

However, Muslims’ Quran is free from this description. I scrutinized the Quran in every aspect. I observed the great wisdom in each word of it. Even though enemies of Muslims claim that this book is Muhammad’s word, claiming that such a wonderful will arose from the most perfect brain means just ignoring the truth and winking at hatred and grudge which is incompatible with enlightenment and wisdom.

I claim that Muhammad is a distinguished power. It is far out of possibility to bring up such a hand of power again.

O Muhammad! I am sad that I am not in your time. The book you are the teacher of and publisher of is not yours. It is divine.

Denying its divinity is as ridiculous as claiming that science is fallacious.

That is why humanity will not see a distinguished powerful person like you once more. I bend the knee of a deep reverence in your presence.”

The Words of Dr. Maurice on the Quran

Dr. Maurice, a famous orientalist, an expert on Arabic literature and a translator of the Quran, stated the following:

Only the sound that arose from the Mount Hira of Arabia was able to save Byzantine Christians from the blind alley of wrong beliefs that they were in. This sound elevated the divine word to the highest rank. However, the Byzantines could not hear this sound. This sound taught people the cleanest and truest religion.  

What is the Quran? It is a miracle of rhetoric and fluency. The virtue of the Quran that makes one billion Muslims feel proud is the fact that it is the best heavenly book in terms of expressing every meaning. No. We can move further!

The Quran is the best book that is granted to man by the eternal help of the nature. The statements of the Quran are superior to the statements of the Greek philosophy from the point of view of the welfare of man. The Quran is full of praising and thanking the Creator of the world and the sky.

The Words of Mr. John Davenport on the Quran

Mr John Davenport's Statement

John Davenport states the following while mentioning the Quran in his book called "An Apology for Mohammed and the Koran":

Among many excellencies of which the Quran may justly boast are two eminently conspicuous:

1. The tone of awe and reverence which it always observes when speaking of, or referring to, the Deity, to Whom it never attributes human frailties and passions;

2. The total absence throughout it of all impure, immoral and indecent ideas, expressions, narratives, etc., blemishes.

However, these deficiencies occur frequently in the distorted Bible that the Christians have today.

The Words of Thomas Carlyleon the Quran

Carlyle's Statement

Carlyle states the following:

"Once you read the Quran carefully, you will realize its emerging unique features. The Quran’s own beauty is totally distinguished from other literary works; it is unique. One of distinguishing features of the Quran is that it has not been falsified.

In my opinion and conclusion, the Quran is full of truth and sincerity from the beginning to the end. The Prophet Muhammad’s invitation to the world is the truth."

The Words of Edward Gibbon on the Quran

Edward Gibbon:

Edward Gibbon, one of the most famous and greatest historians of England, states the following in his book called “the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” :

From the Atlantic to the Ganges, the Quran is acknowledged as the fundamental code of civil and criminal jurisprudence.

There is no difference between a mighty king and a poor person in the eye of the Quran. There exists such jurisprudence based on those principles that it has no equivalence in the world.

The principles of Islam reject trinity, the creed that Allah has a body and the creed of the unity of existence. The Quran is free from confusions and ambiguities like that.

The Quran is the strongest evidence of the oneness of Allah. Islam is maybe a religion much more supreme than we think today."

The Words of Marmaduke Pickthall on the Quran

Marmaduke Pickthall:

"A perfect book of “ethics law” can be formed by principles that are taught in the Quran and notified by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

It is impossible to deny that the principles of the Quran do favor for people in various countries and attach people who wish to be close, to Allah.

Only the Quran could perfectly describe the truth of the Creator and created ones. Not only Muslims, but Christians and Jewish admit it, too."

The Words of Louvasonne on the Quran

Louvasonne's Statement


That is, there is no problem among the problems that are settled by the help of scientific discoveries or science and knowledge that contradicts the principles of Islam!

Unlike our efforts that we exert in order to harmonize our Christianity with natural laws, there is full harmony between the Quran and its instructions and natural laws. The Quran is a book that deserves all kinds of respect.

The Words of Corsele on the Quran


"The Quran is the most perfect and excellent work of the Arabic. According to the creed of Muslims, this miraculous work cannot be introduced by mankind.

The Quran itself is an enduring miracle and such a miracle that it is more supreme than resurrecting dead bodies. This holy book itself is enough to prove that it is originally heavenly.

Based on this miracle, Muhammad asked to be recognized as a prophet. Enlightening the Arabian bare and barren deserts, and defying poets and preachers, the Quran insisted for an equivalent of a verse of the Quran but there has been no one paying in kind."

The Words of Rodwell on the Quran


Having translated and organized the verses of the Quran chronologically, Rodwell, one of the most conservative priests of England, confesses the following truths:

The Quran changed the ordinary Bedouins of Arabia so much that you would think they were fascinated.  

Even if we deny, according to the Christian belief, that the Quran is a book revealed by God, it became a divine grace and bounty for Arabs because it eliminated idolatry, established the belief of oneness of Allah, abolished worshipping jinn, fairies and stones, abolished wild customs like burying children alive and eliminated all superstitions. The Quran is, therefore, worthy of all kinds of praise.

The Words of Jochahim on the Quran


The Quranic verses that illuminate the character of the Prophet of Islam are perfect and very effective. Some verses express the ethical rules of Islam. 

However, these rules are not limited to one or two chapters. Injustice, telling lies, greed, extravagance, prostitution, treason and backbiting are all forbidden by the Quran severely and they are described as disgrace. 

On the other hand, having goodwill, doing favors to others, chastity, modesty, tolerance, patience, perseverance, economy, honesty, straightforwardness, loving peace, acting rightfully, trust in and reliance on God Almighty more than anyone else and obedience to Allah are regarded among the real principles of belief and as the main attributes of a Muslim. The Messenger of Allah is a symbol of perception and consciousness. 

You have heard some of the views of Western philosophers on the Quran. If we quote the views of all philosophers, they will form volumes of books. We have shown you only a drop from the ocean.

Is it at all possible for so many philosophers and scientists to be wrong? Is it at all possible for them to regard a book which is full of superstitions - God forbid - as a book of truth? It is impossible. Then, there is only one option left: The Quran is the book of Allah. 

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