Does crying invalidate the prayer (salah) and wudu?

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Does crying invalidate the prayer (salah) and wudu?

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Though it is makrooh (abominable) to cry silently in the prayer (salah) for a worldly matter, it does not invalidate the prayer. However, crying loudly just by remembering a worldly matter or moaning with weariness because of pain invalidate the prayer but the wudu is not broken.   

And again, the prayer of someone is not invalidated because of his/her involuntary noises originating from pain. However, According to the sects of Hanafi and Shafii, the prayer is invalidated when a person cries loudly and utters things like uh-oh because of worldly calamities or personal illnesses. (see Zuhayli, al Fiqhu'l-Islami, II/7-10).

If the crying is caused by remembering Paradise and Hell, the prayer is not invalidated as it is caused by khushu (humbleness in prayer). The following is stated in the hadith:

"He who obeys Almighty Allah by crying, enters Paradise by laughing and he who sins by laughing enters Hell by crying."

Crying out of prayer does not invalidate the wudu. However, it is stated in Badayi'us-Sanai that the wudu is invalidated because of the flow caused by the eye pain and such a person becomes mazur (excused); thus he/she needs to have wudu for every prayer when its time comes.

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