Can janaza salah be performed without wudu?

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Can janaza salah be performed without wudu?
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All fard, wajib, sunnah and mustahab salahs including janaza salah can only be performed after performing wudu.If there is no water, or there are some obstacles that prevent using it, tayammum is performed and this is regarded as a spiritual cleaning meaning wudu.

“Janaza salah is a prayer (dua) rather than a salah, and so it can be performed without wudu.” If there are people uttering the previous statement, they do not understand that salah is a prayer and a dhikr from start to finish.

The religion that orders its followers to perform five daily obligatory salahs by performing ruku and sajda, orders to perform janaza salah without performing ruku and sajda. However, it calls both of them salah and wants wudu for both of them.

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