Worshipping (Performing Salats (Prayers) by Sitting

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My knee has been hurting forv8 months,and its broken but i dont have a cast on it,and i try to go down in salat when i pray. but i can't what should I do?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

“A sick person is responsible for performing salats in accordance with his strength. For example, a sick person, who is not strong enough to stand or whose standing is considered to cause his sickness to increase or to get longer, performs his salat by sitting.” As it is seen, sitting is more favorable but sitting on a chair is all right. 

Standing is one of the fards (obligatory deeds) of salat and it is called qiyam. Therefore, salat performed by sitting by a person who has enough strength to stand is not acceptable.

Only a person who is ill and cannot stand or who cannot sit down easily can perform his salat by sitting or by not standing. 

If a person is so ill or so old that he cannot perform his salats by leaning against something It is makrooh (abominable)for a person who has enough strength to do so. 

Our Prophet (pbuh) performed nafila (optional) salats on his camel and paid attention to perform fard salats on the ground; and he pointed out that they could be performed on the camel if it was not possible to perform them on ground. 

Conditions such as the ground’s being muddy, the caravan’s not waiting, the bad-tempered riding animal’s escaping… are shown as excuses for not getting off the animal. 

From this point of view, it can be said that there is no drawback for someone, who has difficulty in sitting on the ground or standing, to perform his salat on a chair.

It is very important to be tranquil while performing salat. If someone is in pain while sitting on ground and he will be comfortable on a chair, he can perform his salat by sitting on a chair.

He performs his salat by implying when he performs his salat on a chair. 

Implying means pointing with the head instead of ruku (the bowing position during the salat (prayer)) and sajda (prostration) in salat. Someone performing his salat in this way bows his head slightly for ruku and he bows his head more for sajda. It is not permissible for someone who cannot put his head on the ground to raise something up to his head and perform sajda on it. Such a person performs his salat by implying. Someone who cannot perform his salat by sitting performs it by implying while he is lying on his back. A person who has enough strength to stand but does not have enough strength to make ruku and sajda can perform his salat by implying while standing or sitting; but it is more proper for him to imply by sitting. Salat cannot be performed by implying with eyebrows or eyes. Someone who does not have enough strength to imply by his head does not have to perform salat.

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