Do you know the 18 benefits of wudu proved by medicine?

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There are about 700 Biological Active Points (BAP) on the human body. 66 of them are extra active points called “Aggression Points”. 61 of the aggression points are among wudu organs. After this brief information, let us point out some of the scientifically proven benefits of ablution briefly:

1. ”Biological Active Points” (BAPs) are activated when the organs of wudu are washed; “aggression points” become stabilized.

2. When the face is washed, the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, urinary tract and the nervous system are stimulated.

3. When the arms are washed, the intestines, heart, lungs, urinary tract and blood circulation are stimulated.

4. The ears are a command center where approximately 100 BAPs are located and that is connected with almost all organs. When the ears are wiped, all organs are stimulated.

5. When the feet are washed, the pituitary gland, which ensures hormone balance and keeps growth under control, kidneys and the BAP that affects the activity of almost all organs are stimulated.

6. As the acupuncture points are stimulated in wudu, the energy and blood circulation in the body enhances, the resistance of the body increases and the immune system is strengthened.

If a person makes wudu with cold water when his fever goes up, it will go down 1,5 to 2 degrees.

7. Wudu makes blood pressure go down, alleviates headache, sleepiness, fatigue and fury.

Using cold water increases the benefits of wudu and ghusl. The Prophet advised his Companions to use lukewarm water while making wudu.

8. At the bottom of each tooth are two acupuncture points associated with different organs. Using miswak in every wudu is important for the health of the gums.

9. Miswak balances the duties of the brain, which is  connected to the gums with 28 nerves, 5 sense organs, sinuses, muscles, internal organs and reproductive organs through the acupuncture points.

10. Miswak reduces pain in muscles, prevents gum diseases and tooth decay.

Miswak kills harmful microbes in the mouth, makes it easy for the useful ones to live and protects the mental health and memory strength until death. The effect of miswak continues for 48 hours after it is used. It is sunnah to use miswak.

11. Washing the hands, face and feet five times a day purifies us from microbes.

Our hands and feet touch many places every day. With this contact, many microbes contaminate our hands and feet. Wudu will purify us from these impurities and microorganisms.

12. The mouth and nose are the most important places where microbes enter our body. Frequent cleaning of these areas protects us against microbes.

13. Washing the face also strengthens the skin, alleviates headache and fatigue.

Wudu activates the veins and nerves. The beauty and freshness on the face of a person who makes wudu regularly will not disappear even if he gets old.

14. The body regains its previous fitness with ghusl.

It is very important to wash the body periodically in terms of preventive medicine. Our religion recommends us to make ghusl every Friday whether we are married or single.

15. Wudu and ghusl reduce the electrical tension of the body.

There is a static electricity balance in the body. This electrical charge increases 4 times when a person is angry and 12 times when a person becomes junub.

Photographs of the outer skin were taken with infrared rays and it was determined in those photographs that the whole surface of the body was covered with an excessive layer of static electricity after sexual intercourse.

When a person has a bath, the water particles remove the negative electrical tension and the body is grounded and normalized again. From this point of view, ghusl is a cleaning that must be done in terms of medicine.

16. Wudu and ghusl contribute to the blood circulation mechanism of the body; in addition, they help to stimulate the lymphatic system, which works in the production of blood, and activate it.


17. Tayammum, which is made with soil, eliminates the static electricity in the body to a great extent.

18. Washing the feet at certain intervals throughout the day prevents the formation of varicose veins.

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