Do the parents have the right to prevent their children’s nafilah worship?

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- I use social media to convey the message of Islam. My family is against social media. Can I hide from them that I use social media?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Social media is a very important means of conveying the message of Islam and prevention of evil today.

If you use it for good purposes and are convinced that it is beneficial, do it secretly so as not to offend your parents because it is not nafilah but fard al-kifaya.

However, if your parents notice it and forbid you from doing it, you can obey your parents if other Muslims fulfill that activity and you do not have to do it yourself.

However, if that activity is your duty alone or if it is something that you have to do, you need to carry out that activity without heeding anyone because it is your main duty in that case. Continue to do it without offending your parents and without uttering bad words, and by explaining it to them in a nice way. (see Ibn Abidin, 4/300)

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