What is Sunnah?

Sunnah is the name given to the deeds of the Prophet apart from fard and wajib that he himself did, that he told others “to do” and that he consented to. Sunnahs are classified under the heading of “supererogatory” (nafilah).

Sunnahs are divided into two:

1 – Sunnah al-muakkada,

2 – Sunnah ghayr muakkada.

Sunnah al-Muakkada:

They are the sunnahs that our Prophet generally did but rarely abandoned. It means strong sunnah; like the sunnah prayers of the morning, noon and evening prayers. Sunnahs like adhan, iqamah, praying in congregation, which are regarded as fundamentals of Islam, are sunnah al-muakkada. They are also called sunnah al-Huda

Sunnah Ghayr Muakkada:

They are the sunnahs that the Messenger of Allah sometimes did with the intention of worshipping and sometimes abandoned; like the first sunnah prayers of the afternoon and night prayers. 

The normal daily activities of the Messenger of Allah like eating, drinking, dressing, sitting, standing and his deeds relating to the good manners are included in Sunnah ghayr muakkada. They are also called Sunnah az-zawaid.

The sunnah also has parts like ayn and kifaya just like fard. For instance, performing itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan, performing the tarawih prayer in congregation, performing tarawih with khatm are sunnah al-kifaya. Performing fard prayers in congregation are sunnah al-ayn.

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