Is it permissible to obey the parents who tell you not to do nafilah worship?

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- Obedience to Allah is superior to obedience to parents? If your parents tell you not to do nafilah worship, is it permissible to obey them?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

If a person is against any deed of nafilah worship and says to you, “do not perform that deed of worship”, you cannot obey that person even if it is one of your parents.

In other cases, obedience to parents takes precedence over performing nafilah prayers. (Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, 2/504)

The evidence for that decree is the story of Jurayj. It was informed by the Prophet (pbuh) that a person called Jurayj, who lived at the time of the previous ummahs, did not answer his mother who called him while he was performing a nafilah prayer, that he was cursed by his mother and that he got into some trouble. (see Muslim, Birr, 7, 8)

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