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Asalamou´alaykoum warahmatoulilah Someone in my family died two days ago (rahmatoulilah) and now that the doors of Hell are closed and the doors of Paradise are wide open does that mean he will not go to Hell even if he weren´t a perfect muslim? I will be very thankful if you could answer my question. Wa salamou´alaykoum
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Dear Brother / Sister,

This statement “the doors of Paradise will be wide open while those of Hell will be closed” has been told to give the good news of blessings to be abundantly bestowed in this month and of forgiveness of the sins previously committed if repented.

If a person who dies in this month is a Muslim, he is expected not to be punished in the grave throughout this month.

If the dead person is an unbeliever or an oppressor, his punishment will be severe although he dies in this month.

We hope that the relative of yours who died in this month will be safe from the punishment in the grave if Allah wills.

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