Could there not be more than one deity that could get along well with each other?

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Could there not be more than one deity that could get along well with each other?
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This question includes an interpretation of a verse from the Qur’an.

“But the fact is that had there been in the heavens and the earth any deities other than God, both (of those realms) would certainly have fallen into ruin. All-Glorified God is, the Lord of the Supreme Throne, in that He is absolutely above all that they attribute to Him.” (the Qur’an Al-Anbiya 21:22) 

The reason for this very logical rule and proof which the scholars of religious precepts call Burhan at- Tamanu: reductio ad impossible (which means proof against the denial of God’s existence) is quite clear :

 1. The one who brought this absolute system into being is the owner of infinite power because, the immensity and perfection of this system stands as a proof for the limitlessness and uniqueness of the creator.

2. This power is able to manage and to keep the thing that is brought into being within certain measures and to sustain it because He is not under the authority of anyone and He does not need any help to give Him ideas. As His presence originates from His own self, His ultimate power, infinite knowledge and will also originate from His own self by Him. 

3. He creates everything without a model or template and in a unique way because there is no power before him that He can copy and no things in existence that He can use as a template. He does not have a beginning; similarly, He does not have an end. Fort his reason, He does not need anything in his precaution and his management because needs are caused by deprivation and powerlessness. He is free from deprivation and powerlessness and He is exalted. 

 4. What would happen if there were two different owners of the power with those qualifications and maturity, and measures and meaning both in the sky and on the earth? If one of them had only the ability of management and precaution, then it would mean the other would be incapable and weak. The Weak one could never be a deity. If both of them had equal power, then there would be different orders and systems. As a result, this order which is unique and infallible, would never come into existence. Suppose both of them got along well and brought one order into existence; then two different disorders would affect the sick one and irritate it. So, there would not exist this kind of order again. If they did not get along well with each other, one of them would destroy the other’s system, anarchy would commence and never would a thing like order come into existence.

If we presume both of them brought insignificant amount of power and disorder into being, then neither of them would have the chance to demonstrate their own power. In this case, they would not be considered as deities.

5. If we suppose that the illness of one deity is the other deity itself, and the other is the illness of the universe, the sick one cannot be a deity as it needs illness to be sick. And in that case, illness-sick concept would go back and therefore there would never be a beginning and ending of the chain of illnesses and the sick ones and so it would continue to carry on like this; which is unacceptable and moreover, it fundamentally devastates the quality of deity. 

Here The Great Qur’an, stating this truth, grants us this enlightening main information:

Had there been in the heavens and the earth any deities other than God, both (of those realms) would certainly have fallen into ruin

Then, Allah who is unique and who does not have any match, equal and does not need any help is very exalted, very glorious and free from the attributions and deficiencies that denying heretics, drug users, desperate pagans, brainless skeptics describe. Sound mind is the witness to this; common sense is the descriptor; knowledge is the proof and faith is the basic structure for it. (see Celal Yıldırım, İlmin Işığında Asrın Kur’an Tefsiri, Enbiya, Interpretation of the 22th Verse )

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Could you please give me information about the Oneness of Allah? What does Burhan al-Tamanu (Reductio ad Impossible) mean?

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