Can a Muslim go to a Christian School?

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Can a Muslim go to a Gateway Christian School? It's like a regular high school that gives you booklets to do at home. Then,when you're done with the booklets, you have to go to test on them. But what's included in the booklets is teachings about Jesus and the Bible. Almost in every booklet, I see verses from the Bible. I even see statements saying,"Jesus, the Son of God." What should I do about this? Please Help!!!
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Yes it is permissible for a Muslim person to go to a Christian school and learn information about religions other than Islam. Yet, it is essential first to have a detailed knowledge about Islam. Otherwise, the information we read may cause suspicion.

Reading, listening or watching what is available is not of the same degree for everyone. A student or a scholar can study these books as much as they need. Their intention must be able to know and answer to them. If not, it is not true to read them for those who are not expert in such materials. They may be damaged as a result of what they read. This is the measure for these types of issues. It is because that for those who do not know the truth they are like a person passing through a gas room without a mask. The possibility of getting poisoned is so high.

It is religiously permitted if a student narrates and writes what is not inappropriate about Islam just for intending to transmit information. It is not prohibited to give information just saying “this is as follows according to Christianity.” After all, the sayings of Satan, Pharaoh, and Nimrod are transmitted in Qur’an.

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