Can a burden greater than a person can bear be placed on him? They say, "Allah does not place a burden on His slaves greater than they can bear."

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I had an accident and became paralyzed. I cannot put up living like this; I am unhappy; I fear about my future lest I should be worse. What shall I do in my remaining life? I perform prayers and pray to Allah. Thank God, I do not need anyone financially. Was I given this trouble because I can bear it? I cry all the time. I become happy when the sun sets because one more day has passed and my life has shortened. What is the wisdom behind it? Was it written in my qadar because I wanted it? My chance of choice?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Allah Almighty states the following in the Quran:

“On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.” (al-Baqara, 2/286)

Thus, he states that He will not place a burden that they cannot bear on His slaves. There are burdens that human body cannot bear or burdens that man’s wealth will not be enough; there are also some truths that human mind cannot reach alone. They are all within the truth that slaves are not given burdens that they cannot bear. 

We will explain the issue with some examples:

- A person who is too ill to stand can perform prayers by sitting.

- A person who is too ill to sit and to move postpones his prayers.

- The fasting of a person who eats by forgetting in Ramadan is not broken.

- A person who is forced to eat something haram is not held responsible for it.

- A poor Muslim does not go to hajj and pay zakah.

... More examples can be given. They prove that Allah Almighty is Absolutely Just and that He does not place burdens that they cannot bear on His slaves.

With His absolute justice, Allah Almighty limits the responsibilities of His slaves based on his bodily and financial states; similarly, He limits them based on the circumstances under which they live and their possibilities to perceive truths of belief and to understand Islamic decrees. That is, Allah Almighty did not place burdens that they could not bear on His slaves. It is also necessary to know the following truth:  

The real duties of people in this world is to believe in Allah Almighty and to obey Him; therefore, even the lowest mind is given the ability to understand the existence of the Creator. The affairs of this world cannot be fulfilled properly with a low mind but it is possible to know that this universe has a creator with it.

On the other hand, a person who has only one hand has difficulty in doing some worldly things but he does not lack anything to know Allah even if he loses his both hands and feet. After knowing the sultan of this universe, he fulfills his duty of worshipping to Him based on the power and ability of his body.

Allah, who is absolutely just, gives everybody a mind that is enough to pass the test of this world; He exempts insane people and small children who are not of age from this test.

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