Are sayyids sinless? Does it provide them an advantage to have come from the descent of the Prophet?

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Are the Muslims who come from the descent of the Prophet (pbuh) superior to the other Muslims? Are they more valuable in the eye of Allah? Are those who come from the descent of the Prophet (pbuh) sinless? Do they not commit any sins? Are they definitely people of Paradise? Can there be any people among them who will go to Hell? Are those who come from the descent of the Prophet privileged people?
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The criterion for superiority is taqwa. The more a person makes progress in worshipping, the higher his rank gets. Therefore, a person gains value based on his taqwa even if he comesfrom the descent of the Prophet (pbuh).

All of the people except prophets commit sins and they might go to Hell. Therefore, it is wrong to regard sayyids as sinless and to see all of them as people of Paradise. If a person does not follow the way of Allah, he is a person of Hell even if he is a sayyid.

However, most of the sayyids served the religion of Islam very much throughout history. This caused them to be loved by both Allah and people.

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