Although some prophets were allowed to be killed when they announced the true religion, why was Jesus ascended to the sky? Even our prophet’s tooth was broken at a battle. What feature of Jesus caused this?

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Although some prophets were allowed to be killed when they announced the true religion, why was Jesus ascended to the sky? Even our prophet’s tooth was broken at a battle. What feature of Jesus caused this?
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The things that Allah has created are not the same. He attributes some to causes; He creates others without any causes and means. While everybody is born from a mother and father, He created Adam without a mother and father, Jesus without a father and Eve without a mother. That is to say, He sometimes does things without attributing them to universal laws.

Fire burns, the moon is not split into two parts, a tree does not walk, a staff cannot be a snake; this is so in terms of causes. However, Abraham was not burnt in the fire, the moon was split into two parts, a tree walked with the command of our Prophet, the staff of Moses turned into a snake. They changed with Allah’s permission and will.

Some prophets were killed by their people. However, He preserved some of His prophets such as Moses, Abraham and Muhammad.

The same case is valid for Jesus. While the laws imposed for the universe were carried out for other prophets, He did not allow Jesus to be killed. Allah, who protected Abraham and did not allow him to be burnt in the fire, did not allow Jesus to be killed and he was ascended to the sky.

Jesus will come again with his sainthood, not his prophethood.

Like all prophets, Jesus called people to the truth, to believe in the existence and oneness of Allah, to be a servant to Him. He did not hesitate in his duty, was not possessed by fear and anxiety. He was loyal and persistent in his duty. As Jesus continued his duty of conveying the message of God without making any concessions, the jealousy and grudge of the Jews increased. Eventually, they attempted to kill him by playing a trick and began to carry out their plans. They sent a hypocrite named Tatianus among them to Jesus. They themselves surrounded his house with four thousand people. When Tatianus entered the house, he did not find Jesus there. While he was coming out for the purpose of informing the people about the situation, Allah made his face resemble Jesus. Once the Jews saw him, they caught him mistaking him for Jesus. Although he cried out, ‘’I’m not Jesus’’, no one listened to him; finally, they murdered him by crucifying.

Yes, Jesus is still alive; he has not died. Several hadiths have been reported that he will come to the earth at the end of the world. The hadith narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah in Sahih Muslim is as follows:

"A section of my people will not cease fighting for the Truth and will prevail till the Day of Resurrection. Jesus, son of Mary, would then descend and their (Muslims') commander would invite him to come and lead them in prayer, but he would say: No, some amongst you are commanders over some (amongst you). This is the honor from Allah for this Ummah. (Muslim, Iman 247)

Interpreting and explaining the narrations like this in his book called Mektubat (the Letters), Badiuzzaman Said Nursi draws attention to the following points When the movement of irreligiousness surrounding the world is so powerful, Christianity will be purified from superstitions and distortions by approaching to its original form, in other words, to oneness and unite with Islam. In one respect, Christianity will be transformed into Islam in some way. When the true Christianity becomes subject to Islam, the true religion will gain a great power; and Christianity and Islam, which are defeated by irreligiousness when they face it separately, will defeat it by uniting. There are a lot of praises in sound hadiths about the Christians who will realize this unity at the end of time.

Let us read what is written about the issue of Jesus coming down to the earth in person in "the Letters":

…’’Then the person of Jesus (Upon whom be peace), who is present with his human body in the world of the heavens, will come to lead the current Things, the Bringer of Sure News has said.

Since he has told of it, it is true, and since the One Powerful Over All Things has promised it, He will certainly bring it about. Indeed, it is not far from the wisdom of an All-Wise One of Glory Who all the time sends the angels to the earth from the heavens, sometimes in human form (like Gabriel appearing in the form of Dihya), and sends spirit beings from the Spirit World making them appear in human form, and even sends the spirits of most of the dead saints to the world with similitudes of their bodies, it would not be far from His Wisdom -even if he was not alive and present with his body in the skies of the world, and had truly died and departed for the furthest corner of the hereafter- to clothe Jesus (Upon whom be peace) in his body and send him to the world, so to bring the religion of Jesus to a good conclusion; for such a momentous result. Indeed He promised it because His wisdom required it to be thus, and since He promised it, He will most certainly send him. When Jesus (Upon whom be peace) comes, it is not necessary that everyone should know him to be the true Jesus. His elect and those close to him will recognize him through the light of belief. It will not be self-evident so that everyone will recognize him.’’

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