After the Prophet (Pbuh) married Hadrat Khadija (R.A), who did the housework? Did they work together?

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After the Prophet (Pbuh) married Hadrat Khadija (R.A), who did the housework? Did they work together?
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Although the Prophet was married to many women, he usually used to do his chores himself. A hadith (saying or tradition of the Prophet Muhammad) related by our mother Aisha tells us the following: The Messenger of Allah used to behave like anyone in his house. He used to patch his own cloths, repair his shoes and help his wives for the housework. At the time he was doing those, his name was being mentioned all over the world; everybody was talking about him and the religion he had brought. He used to manage his time so that he was able to find the opportunity for such chores besides his so important duties. He was worthy of being at the highest degrees of every favorable trait and he was so…    
The Messenger of Allah not only used to do his own chores but also used to help the others. Qadi Iyad relates: One day a woman who have bats in the belfry came and pulled him by holding the arm of the Messenger of Allah and told him: Come and do my such work in my house. The woman pulled him by his arm and he followed her and then also Sahaba (the companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) followed them… and the Messenger of Allah did the work the woman mentioned easily and returned. That work was maybe sweeping the house or wringing the washed laundry. Whatever the essence of that work was, the Messenger of Allah did it because he was a natural person.

In short, the house holding of the Messenger of Allah was perfect: his managing so many women at such ease and his being extremely loved by them all… even his being the beloved of their hearts, the teacher of their minds and the ruler of their spirits… and his unbending from his duty and being careful at the tasks related to the state and the nation while doing those is an obvious evidence and proof of his prophethood. Even if there were no other proofs, the line he followed in his house holding was sufficient as a proof of his prophethood.

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