Can poor people get married in Islam?

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- Can a poor man who gets married ask his wife to work?
- I will not be able to earn enough money at my new job; I am a cleaner in a supermarket. Is it all right if I ask my wife to work or get money from my mother in order to remain chaste?
- Can a poor man marry a wealthier girl in Islam and can poor men marry in Islam?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is definitely permissible for both rich and poor men and women to marry.

If a poor man gets married, he is obliged to provide sustenance for his wife. The wife is not responsible for the livelihood of the house and the husband cannot demand it from his wife.

However, if a rich wife helps her husband voluntarily, her husband may accept it.

Our Prophet (pbuh) was not rich. He married Khadija (ra) and our mother Khadija was rich.

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