The witnessing of literary people

The genius scholars of rhetoric witness that the Quran is the word of Allah.

If you caught an illness, who would you see for treatment and whose word would you rely on?

A great architect?

Or a great electrical engineer?

Or a physicist?

Or an ordinary doctor?

You would definitely listen to the word of a doctor and rely on his word. For, it is a known rule that when there is a disagreement regarding an issue, the word of the genius people of that science and art is valid. When the diagnosis of an illness is in question, the view of a great architect is not as valid as the view of an ordinary doctor.    

Since our topic is whether the Quran is the word of a human being or not, the view of rhetoric and literature scholars is preferred to the view of thousands of other people. 

Yes, the genius scholars of rhetoric, that is the art of speech, witness that the words of the Quran are faultless and that the Quran cannot be the word of a human being.

Yes, although the Quran was sent down in 20 years, in different places and in parts, there is such coherence and harmony among its words and verses that it looks as if it was sent down altogether at one time.

Scholars like Zamakhshari, Sakkaki and Abdulqahir Jurjani examined the Quran word by word and agreed unanimously that it is the word of Allah and that it cannot be the word of a human being.

A firefly cannot seem like a real star to the specialized observers and cannot deceive them. Even if they are deceived at first sight for a short time, they will understand that it is not a star but a firefly. A fly cannot make observers see it as a peacock by hiding its identity as a fly for a year.  Their artificial appearance cannot confuse careful eyes. If the star of the Quran, which shines in the sky of the Islamic world and which always emits the truth, were - God forbid - something made up by a human like a firefly, the genius scholars of rhetoric and literature would definitely notice it.

It is not possible for these genius scholars of rhetoric to consider the word of a human being as the word of Allah and not to notice it for fourteen centuries. Satan would not allow it even if he acted very tactfully.

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