Will Unbelievers and Idolaters Know Allah in Hell?

Unbelief does not exist in Hell because people who enter hell will have believed in all of the truths of belief. They will have witnessed grave seen the angels of torment there, experienced resurrection, will have been reckoned before Allah in the gathering place (mahshar) and finally they will have entered the realm of torments after they have left the reckoning as insolvent. Shirk (associating partners with Allah, polytheism) will also have been burnt and roasted in Hell and will have been replaced by Oneness (tawheed). Now all of the residents of Hell know very well that, there is no True Object of Worship but Allah, no Creator and Owner but Him. In the Quran, it is informed that the fuel of Hell is men and stones (at-Tahrím),6; (al-Baqara), 24)

Interpretation scholars explain those stones as idols. Idolaters and the idols that those people worshipped will be burnt there together. It is obvious that stones do not suffer torments, but from the point of view of Oneness the burning of the idolaters and the idols together is a nice view. Hell will have burnt the sins and disobedience of believers as well and cleared believers of them. Believers who will have been cleared of their sins through that terrifying torment will enter Paradise afterwards. However, for people who will have died as unbelievers that door will be closed forever.

Hereby, we shall introduce a wonderful observation of Hazrat Mawlana, a scholar of Islam, hoping to clarify the issue. While interpreting the verse: I created not jinn and mankind except that they might worship me., he says: While burning in Hell, unbelievers, idolaters and disobedient people will glorify Allah continuously; thus those people who were created for worshipping will continue their worship in the hereafter, after a short period of life in the world.

He also gives the following example: Just as a person who is negligent while he is healthy groans continuously after he gets ill and in each breath he says :O my Lord! You know everything, my Lord! so will a man who enters Hell be busy with glorifying Allah forever.

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