Why has the sense of ego been given to man?

Ego means ones being able to be aware of his own existence and features, attributing his own self or possession to himself.

You know, although man can say my sheep for the sheep he pastures, sheep cannot say my feet for their own feet.

The sun also cannot lay claim to its own planets.

Why has man been granted this privilege? What is the reason for him to say, my mind, my hands, my child, my garden, my sheep etc? The answer is that he is a viceroy on earth.

The viceroy is under the command of the king. He acts in the name of Him. When he say my property, my goods he never forgets the real possessor of the property and goods. His saying is as a soldiers saying my rifle or my dormitory.

Ego is a great bounty and capital as long as using it appropriately and acting in the name of the King of the Universe by recalling being the viceroy on earth and as long as using what he has been trusted with on the path of Him, as long as he is not concerned with his own passions and conceit in the things he does, as long as he grasps the meaning of he who knows himself also knows his Lord, as long as making I a key to He as long as knowing while spreading fertilizers to soil, he does nothing much different from wind and while watering his garden, he imitates the duty of rain, as long as not to forget he is a servant in the possession of Allah (SWT) like all of them, as long as being able to say it is Him Who has bestowed upon me this existence also, Who created all of these beings out of nothing and as long as knowing that absolute existence is peculiar to Him. As long as saying, It is All-Knowing Who makes me know and it is All-Powerful Who gives me power. As long as assessing all attributes, all abilities, and all manners, which are ascribed to him in this sense.

The universe is in a way armies of those that have been kept away from egocentrism! Sky does not be proud of its highness, soil is trodden on but does pay no heed, it is not a problem for the moon to be bound to the world, a nightingale does not praise itself for having a beautiful voice, bees are not proud of their honey Why? The answer is an immediate one: For none has ego.

Every creature, which has been kept away from ego is in a way in deprivation, but in another way has been preserved. For example, if the sun could say I, perhaps it might have traveled a long way in knowing and loving Allah (SWT). Nevertheless, we cannot know, maybe it would claim greatness for itself, trust its power, be proud of its planets, and boast with its light This would have been a terrific situation for it Now it carries out its duty in a way preserved from heedlessness and far from deviance

There is also the realm of angels. They are free from fostering self-assertion. They are never involved in pride, jealousy, and envy. These non-rebellious creatures love them more whoever worship their lord more. Man also has this kind of capacity but he mostly misuses it. He is cordially attached to somebody whoever praises his father or grandfather more. Yet our Lords sake is as high as not to be compared to any other sake. Then, why dont we applaud those who make better servanthood and run faster towards Him than us?

The answer to this question is also ego. To be more correct, it is the misuse of ego.

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