Why do women not have the right of marring more than one man?

The Glorious Quran advises firstly monogamy. However, it commands justice in the circumstances when polygamy becomes necessary as a result of conditions.

Besides, Islam did not increase the number from one to two or three, but decreased it from higher numbers to lower ones. As the number of women is more than that of men, by this way a legitimate way is opened to women.

On the other hand, there are the facts that mans sexual desire continues for long until old age, that womans desires stop early, that in certain months she is in the menstrual period and that sometimes she becomes pregnant thus being unable to involve in intercourse. Considering all these, the dimensions of the issue will be better understood.

Some of religious principles are not bound by reason, but dominated by submission, not by reason. These are called taabbudi-concerned with worship. For example, that the Morning Prayer consists of two parts, and that noon prayer of four is not an issue bound by reason. It is something absolutely ordained by God. And some other religious principles contain complete rationale, wisdom and purpose that we call maqul-ul mana. In this part, a Muslim scholar or scientist can discuss an Islamic issue in his field, can put forth an idea, or make reasoning. For example, he can explain such issues as why eating pork is forbidden, and why alcohol is banned with principles of knowledge and wisdom. The second part, which is dependent on reason, is wider than the first one-the taabbudi. In view of these, we answer this question: Thats because God has ordained it this way.

The mother of the child that is born because of the intercourse between a woman and a man is obvious. However, if its father is not known, then generations are mixed up. If a woman marries a couple of men, then to whom the child born will be attributed would be uncertain. Imagine a woman has four spouses. All of them have intimacy with her. To whom will the child born belong? One mother and four fathers Can you imagine such a thing? Say the first one who had intimacy with the woman is the father; what will the others do until the child is born? These are not just the mixing up of a generation; rather are the fight of men and desperation of women. This is just a beam of wisdom. There may be thousands of reflections of wisdom besides this one. However, they cannot replace the command of God that we call the real reason. In other words, if science progresses and if it can thus be determined to whom the child belongs, does it become permissible for women to marry more than one man? The answer is no. That is because God commanded that one woman can marry one man. Thousands of beams of wisdom cannot undo this divine command.

God has given woman the feelings of belonging and attachment to someone. And to man He has given the feelings of possessing and attaching others to himself. For this reason, it is unimaginable for woman to behave like man and to marry a couple of men and thus to care for them; this is against her nature. As a requisite of creation, except for a small number of primitive tribes, throughout the history although men have gone through polygamy, women did not marry more than one man.

Even, does the manhood psychology not show generality at this point? Would the rooster, ram, bull, etc. accept a partner willingly?

As it is not valid in our time, it has not been seen in the course of history in terms of law. Those who claim it is possible should make sacrifices and should first prove it with their own wives. Let us see if they can be wife to more than one husband or if they mean just sleeping with them, many women who lead illicit lives already do this. If they cannot do that with their own wives and if they encourage others notwithstanding, then it means that they have some other covert intentions.

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