Why is committing suicide a sin in Islam?

Committing suicide is one of the greatest sins that Islam banned. Committing suicide is a greater murder and sin than killing another person. Therefore ulama (scientists, knowers) even disputed whether the janazah prayer of a person who committed suicide could be performed or not. There is no dispute over the murderer who killed another. The janazah prayer of a murderer is performed.

A person who has the tiniest portion of belief in his heart does not consent to such a big sin and bad ending, and does not attempt to commit suicide. Our prophet (PBUH) informed that committing suicide was a great sin in many hadiths. One of the hadiths is as follows:

"He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell Fire (forever) and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself shall keep on stabbing himself in the Hell-Fire." (Bukhari, Janaiz 84)

This hadith tells us that a Muslim must not attempt to commit such a sin under the influence of a worldly event by being unable to bear it. The greatest and the worst worldly event cannot be regarded as great in comparison to a hereafter problem. After all, this world is temporary, it will pass by.

The events that force a person to commit suicide because they are thought to be unbearable may turn out to be not so worthy of sadness after a while; then it will be forgotten in time and new questions will occur.

The wisdom why patience is necessary as soon as the misfortune occurs is justified here.

Believers are not depressed by temporary things; they do not regard them as never ending sorrow and grief. They show patience by saying this will also pass and try to get the reward of the patience. Thus, they transform the misfortune into compassion.

The janazah prayer of a person who committed suicide is performed. There occurs nothing as to go out of belief but something like being unable to bear the pressure of the events due to the weakness of belief. Therefore the janazah prayer of a person who committed suicide is performed. That person can deserve to go the paradise only after he serves the punishment of committing suicide in the hereafter.

One of the reasons why committing suicide is a great sin is that man is not authorized to kill himself. Human body is a construction made by Allah. He who has built that structure will pull it down. Man cannot own his body and his soul....

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