Who are the enemies of Islam, and how does it fight against them?

Islam fights against four major enemies. These are:

1. Absolute Blasphemy (Unbelief): Islam fight against any kind of unbelief and lack of faith. Disbelief is a lack of thought; it is unconcernedness, easiness, and shallowness in cognition. Human is a human when he/she thinks. The distinctive feature of human from animals is his/her capability of discerning and his/her cognitive ability. Any human who is sane can make this much cognizance: Every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman, every letter must be written by someone. How, then, can it be that so extremely well-ordered a kingdom should have no ruler? Surely, there should have One eternal owner of this universe. Divine Unity and His being omnipotent are apparent and are recited as the stars, and on the earth as many as the flowers. All this state of existence is the art of Allah (swt) and created in immoderacy and perfectly. Surely art shows its artist, craft heralds its craftsman. (Risale-i Nur Collection, Bediuzzaman, The Words, 59.Word)

2. Absolute Ignorance: Science is the origin; mind is the very essence of Islam. Just like unbelief, ignorance is a dreadful darkness too. Islam is the leading enemy of ignorance. Quran denominates persons who do not use their reason and who do not fight against ignorance as filthy (unclean). (Yunus Surah, 10:100) On this account, Islam brings education as a religious obligation for all Muslims men and women. (Ibn-u Mace, Mukaddima, 17) Islam had put the principle as, education from cradle to grave. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), in one of his Hadiths decrees as, Anyone who has two even days is in deficit, Seek knowledge, even in China. (Beyhaki, Shuabul-Iman, 11,254) In fact, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not let any Muslim to kill the prisoners of war in the life and-death war Badr; instead with the condition of teaching literacy to Muslims let them free. (Prof. Dr. M. Hamidullah, History of Islam)

3. Absolute Debauchery: Islam comes out against anything that causes humans to risk their health, to lose their minds, to threaten their generations, to lose their wealth; and that leads debauchery, sinfulness, and immorality. Sins deteriorate humans creations, social balances, and transform social structure into such a cancer. Therefore, Islam is predicated on which humans live to be worthy of humanity. It tries to prevent the social corrosion and putrefaction in societies.

4. Absolute Terror: Terror is a crime of humanity whomever that it comes from or whatever the origin it is. It is a horrible betrayal and dreadful cruelty aims at innocent people who are destitute of defending themselves. Islam, throughout the centuries has never cheered for the cruelty and has always been on the side of the meek. Neither humanity, nor Islam accepts this horrible cruelty.

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