It is said that Religion of Islam is a mercy for all humanity. Can you explain the decree?

Religion of Islam holds the entire basis which make possible humanity to reach material and spiritual perfection and which ensure humanitys happiness and well-being. It urges any individual and any society that become affiliated with it from prosperity to happiness, from happiness to perfection. It gives a great importance to the preservation of life. It pronounces severe punishments for who raise individual or social disturbances. It commands solidarity and unity, benefaction and helping each other. It protects social life from terror and anarchy.

It presents the good morality with all its branches to the benefit of the humanity. It has no objective, which does not have many benefits, which does not bring any cure to any illnesses. Religion of Islam adheres to science and wisdom; it urges all wise men by using their will power to benefaction and to happiness. It accepts ignorance as the greatest enemy; it always urges humans to contemplation. To understand how the Religion of Islam is a great mercy (Gods) for humanity, the condition of the world before and after the Asr-i Saadah (Age of Tranquility in which Prophet Muhammad lived in) should be taken into consideration.

The whole world was suffering greatly under the cruel claw of ignorance and depravity; terror and anarchy. Arabian Peninsula also got its share from cruelty and horror that raged the whole world. Humans used to take pride in burying their daughters while alive. They used to believe in superstitions; worship idols that they have made with their hands and supplicate to them.

In those dark days, Nur (heavenly light) of the Quran rose from one corner of the Arabian Peninsula like the sunrise. Thickest layers of blasphemy and cruelty shivered. It dazzled the eyes with its sublime manifestation; cleaned the souls with its prosperity and true path; enlightened the hearts. It removed polytheism with Tawheed (Unification, Oneness of God). It abolished cruelty and established Justice. It weeded out antagonism and hatred from breasts and replaced it with affection, kindness, and compassion.

The influence of Quran is not restricted with Asr-i Saadah (Age of Tranquility in which Prophet Muhammad lived in). Any nation, which accepted and practiced Islam, indeed developed in both science and knowledge; industry and commerce. In addition, set a good example for other nations. Most luminous examples of it are Andulus, Seljuks, and Ottomans.

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