Which one is Superior?

Abdurrahman bin Abi Uqayl reported the following. I went to the Prophet with a group of people from Thaqif. We made our camels crouch in front of the gate. Everybody looked at us angrily as we walked in. However, when we walked out, we had liked everybody. One of us said, "O Messenger of Allah! Why did you not want a sultanate like that of Solomon?" The Prophet answered that question smiling: "What has been given to me is superior to the sultanate of Solomon in the presence of Allah. Allah gave every prophet a right of prayer. Some of the prophets wanted something from the world and it was given to them. Some cursed their nations because they rebelled, and their nations were destroyed. I am going to use the right that Allah gave me on the Day of Judgment for the shafa’ah (intercession) of my ummah."


"I was asked to choose between these two options: half of my ummah would go to Paradise or I would be given to right for intercession. I chose intercession because it is more comprehensive. Do not think that it is only for those who have taqwa; it is also for the sinners who made mistakes." (Qadi Iyad, Shifa)

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