What is the Purpose of Creation?

There was nothing except ALLAH, who is the Sultan of eternity and post eternity…

As every possessor of beauty and perfection wants to see and display his own beauty and perfection, ALLAH, who is the owner of the infinite beauty and perfection, also wanted to see and display His beauty and perfection and created this realm.

He embroidered every creature one by one and displayed all kinds of manifestation of His beauty and perfection in this realm and laid the duty and honor of watching on man.

Yes, the purpose and wisdom of the creation of man and the duty of his coming to this realm is this.

To know, recognize and see ALLAH Almighty in the beings that He created.

Every creature is a book and the duty of man is to read the names and attributes of that book.

Every work is a mirror and the duty of man is to see ALLAH Almighty in that mirror and recognize Him.

Now, let us start to recognize ALLAH with His names.

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