The uniqueness of his prayer is a proof his (PBUH) prophethood

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unique in both his prayers just and in his worshipping. His life is a prayer. He had a prayer in every manner and action that we can imagine such as his standing up, walking, eating, drinking, sleeping, and awaking. He is always connected to his Lord and seeking his blessing. The scholars of Islam wrote tons of books concerning his prayers.

Anyone who looks only at his prayers called Jawshanul Kabir, which is a prayer of his among thousands of prayers will accept his uniqueness. For he praises his Lord in such a way that no scholar or awliya (saint) who share the same belief since his prophethood can reach his level. That no one can reach him in glorifying Allah shows that there is no one that can compete with him in prayer.

For detailed information, we advise you to read the part called “the Prayers of the Prophet”, which was compiled out of hundreds of prayers of the Prophet.

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Ma sha Allah,,,, I am so happy that Hazrat Hommad P.B.U.H is Prophet and the best person in all around the world.

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