The Fact That He Fulfilled His Duty Despite the Multitude of His Enemies and That the Religion of Islam Spread to the Whole World Prove His Prophethood.

Is it possible for a person who does not rely on any power and who acts alone to proclaim his cause without fearing, hesitating and panicking and with courage despite his extremely strong enemies; is it possible for the religion proclaimed by that person to be superior to other religions? Definitely not!..

Let us have a look at Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) again: He showed such strength, steadfastness and courage while conveying his message and calling people to the truth that he did not show any signs of hesitation, panic or cowardliness despite the enmity of big states and religions and his own tribe and even his own uncle; the fact that he challenged the world alone and became successful and that he spread Islam all over the world prove his uniqueness in conveying the message and calling people to truth.

That he called the big states to Islam when there were only a handful of Muslims around him and when his own tribe had not heeded him yet proves that his cause was right. If his cause had been wrong – God forbid -, would he have attempted such a thing that would set the big states of the world against him? At that time, even his own tribe had not accepted Islam and they had fought him several times. The states that he called to Islam were the super powers of that time: Byzantine and Persia. They had enormous armies with millions of soldiers. On the other hand, he lived in Madinah, a city-state, with a handful of Muslims around him.

Can we attribute the strength and courage he showed despite his solitude and weakness to anything other than his reliance on and trust in Allah?

One of the brightest proofs of his prophethood is that he was sent with a religion and as a prophet for all times and places not for the time and place he lived in. The wonderful call of the Prophet exceeded all places and reached the whole world. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) became successful in his universal call. Today, the big religions are gradually melting when they face Islam; they also witness the truthfulness of Islam. [1]
[1] You can find the historical documents that the Conference of European Churches  accepted Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) as a prophet in the book written by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akgündüz, the Rector of the Islamic University of Rotterdam, in his book called , “Çandan Minareye Büyük İtiraf”.

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